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TalentJar - Launch

Updated: Feb 3

One-Jar has been steadily expanding its international client base, primarily focusing on consulting and outsourcing HR functions. We've made significant inroads into the Cyprus market by introducing innovative Human Resource Management solutions and Talent Optimization tools.


We decided that every new solution or product must be carefully planned and well executed, having always in mind the market trends and the needs of our customers.


In the past year, we've invested considerable time and resources into researching the recruitment industry. We identified a specific need in the market for sourcing finance and executive roles.


Our findings highlighted:

Clients' preferences for quality over quantity in candidate selection,

The necessity for speedy and precise services,

A desire for engagement with firms that provide advanced technology. Tech that includes analytical tools for hiring processes and the ability to share candidate profiles easily.


Furthermore, we've engaged with candidates who emphasized

The importance of interacting with recruiters who adopt a non-judgmental and personal approach

Who understand the need for a cultural and value-based fit with potential employers.

Recruiters who are willing to build long-term relationship with them


Recognizing these industry gaps, we established "TalentJar | Powered by OneJar," a dedicated Recruitment Agency designed to meet these specific needs. TalentJar is built by a team that deeply understands the finance and executive markets. We have implemented state-of-the-art processes and technologies to deliver great service quality. Our commitment extends to continuously researching the industry, utilizing our data, and insights from intelligence firms to provide valuable knowledge to our community.


"TalentJar | Powered by OneJar" is led by Antros Yiasemi, serving as the Co-Founder and Managing Director with the support of Andreas Tziarras serving as the Co-Founder and Director.


We are incredibly excited about this new venture and anticipate that both OneJar and TalentJar will significantly boost engagement and productivity across companies and individuals in 2024.


For more information, please explore the following resources:

Talent Jar Team Photo: Andreas Tziarras, Antros Yiasemi, and Katerina Charalampous.


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